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About our parish and community

We are a diverse community of believers who celebrate and rejoice in the love of God and love of one another. Empowered by the grace of the Holy Spirit, our mission is to invite and welcome all people to our faith by worshiping and praying together and by embracing the needs of our parishioners and the larger community in which we live. We invite you to join us for worship at any of our services.

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Fr. Adam Izbicki
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Ministries in our parish

The various ministries of Most Holy Redeemer parish provide you with a wide variety of ways of connecting with the community. Through these ministries you can learn and grow as an individual, meet others who share your values.

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Second Sunday of Easter
Sunday of Divine Mercy

Bulletin 19 April 2020

Dear Parishioners,

The Feast of Divine Mercy has the highest ranking of all the different forms of the Divine Mercy devotion which were revealed to Sister Faustina. For the first time … regarding the establishment of this feast … Jesus spoke in Płock (Poland) in 1931 where he conveyed his will regarding the creation of His image: My image already is in your soul. I desire that there be a Feast of Mercy. I want this image, which you will paint with a brush, to be solemnly blessed on the first Sunday after Easter; that Sunday is to be the Feast of Mercy. (Diary 49).

The choice of the first Sunday after Easter for the Feast of Mercy has a deep theological significance which indicates the close relationship that exists between the Easter mystery of the Redemption and the mystery of God’s mercy. This relationship is also emphasized by the novena of the Divine Mercy which begins on Good Friday preceding this feast….

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Parish Staff

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Fr. Adam Izbicki


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Jack H. Baker

Deacon Emeritus

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PENTECOST SUNDAY May 28th to Aug 27th “SALVATION HISTORY” sessions by Michael Fierro in Angels Hall, Tuesdays, at 6 pm. Feast of Corpus Christi on June 2nd with solemn procession

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