A group of men who pray the rosary on Friday evenings

Men, come pray with us every Friday at 6:00pm

We are a group of Catholic men dedicated to promote the new evangelization to all men.  We especially desire to reach those who

  • have fallen away from their Catholic faith
  • have become lukewarm in the practice of their Catholic faith
  • are on the fringe of losing their Catholic faith altogether
  • are non-Catholic or un-churched with the purpose of educating and delivering or returning them to the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic faith.

Our goal is to develop ways and means to strengthen marriages and families by promoting and upholding Catholic teachings, beliefs, and values against the prevailing pagan culture within our current society. Sons of Our Lady is an official Diocese of St. Augustine Ministry, designated as such at a Mass of Consecration to Jesus Christ through Ou Lady of La Leche held at Assumption Catholioc Church, Jacksonville, Florida, on August 15, 2015 officiated by Bishop Felipe Estevez.

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