Parish Rosary Novena to end Covid-19

My Dear Parishioners,

In this difficult time when the whole world has been affected by the Coronovirus pandemic and human possibilities are not enough, we are left with hope … and our hope is in God and his Blessed Mother.

For many centuries during various apparitions, Mary encouraged humanity to pray the rosary daily. She encouraged people to change their lives and to convert and accept the message of love that flows from her maternal heart. Many times she has said that she has the power to stop the global “chastisements”, but only if people “would listen and pray”. Many responded to this call with love and humility. However there were many who did not take her caution seriously. How great is Mary’s love for her children. She wants only our good and our love. Through her motherly concern, many have been led to her son. In Medjugorje she asks us once again: “Be reconciled with my Son”.

“This is the true age of Mary”, declared one of the spiritual advisers at the Our Lady of Fatima Shrine. “Look around us. We have wars, threats of war, drugs, rampant crime, and a thousand other problems. Men and women are searching frantically for help. In Mother Mary they are sure to find help.”
Therefore, I invite all of my parishioners to join me every day at 6pm in praying a 54-Day Rosary Novena beginning on March 30 and ending on May 22 in honor of Our Lady of Pompeii and asking for her intercession to protect Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Jacksonville and the Diocese of St Augustine from the deadly impact of COVID-19.

This novena will also prepare us for the 150th anniversary of the Diocese of Saint Augustine and for our Consecration to Jesus through Mary. Until further notice and the church can be open for public gatherings, we will live stream the novena. The first novena we will pray together during the live stream. The other two novenas you will pray as a family in your home.
Even if you have never prayed a Novena, even if you have never prayed the Rosary, or if you do not even own one, don’t worry. On the face page are instructions and a printed Rosary you can use to get started. On the back page is a calendar to follow. As a parish family, we can do this!
May the Blessed Virgin Mary protect us from the deadly impact of Covid-19. May her maternal heart be our refuge and support in this time of desperation.

Fr. Adam Izbicki

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