The Parish Library

Parish LibraryThe Most Holy Redeemer Library exists to serve the educational, informational, spiritual, and recreational needs of the parish. Our collection focuses primarily on Catholic teachings, Scripture, prayer, Christian-living, saints, and Christian-themed fiction and non-fiction.

The Parish Library is open during parish office hours and after all weekend Masses. It is located at the southwest corner of the church. Turn right as you enter the church gathering area and go to the last room on the right, next to the Sacristy.


A variety of adult and children books are available for you to check out on the honor system.

To check out a book: To return a book:

• Choose a book
• Remove the card at the back
  of the book
• Sign and Date the card
• Place card in the file box

• Find appropriate card in the file   box
• Place card in the back of the book
• Return to the shelf, OR
• Leave book on the desk for a   volunteer to return to the shelf.


Featured Book

Little Rock Catholic Study Bible by Catherine Upchurch, General Editor, Irene Nowell and OSB (Jun 6, 2011)

The valuable information in the Little Rock Catholic Study Bible is offered in small notes and inserts that accompany the Bible texts as well as in expanded essays, articles, and graphics. Key symbols help readers quickly identify the type of information they need, such as explanations, definitions, dates, character and author profiles, archaeological insights, personal prayer starters, and insights connecting Scripture and its use in today s church. Colorful maps, timelines, photographs, and charts further enhance the study experience. Longer articles are dedicated to explaining study Bible fundamentals, the Catholic Church's use of the Bible, and the people and places of the biblical world.


If you are interested in a specific title, please let us know so that we can add it to our library. If interested contact the Parish office at (904) 786-1192 or email to