The Justice Ministry

The Gospel calls us to be people of justice

The Gospel calls us to be people of justice. This ministry promotes the doing of justice by helping the parish to be educated in the social teachings of the Catholic Church and the demands of the Bible concerning justice.

The Justice Ministry is also the parish’s direct connection to our membership in ICARE (Interfaith Coalition for Action, Reconciliation and Empowerment). The ICARE Mission is “to powerfully address citywide concerns related to issues of justice and fairness.” ICARE is a network of over 25 churches, congregations and community organizations across faiths working for social justice. ICARE seeks out problems in our community, researches solutions and then seeks to build power by turning out large number of people to hold public officials accountable to implement workable solutions.

Scheduled meetings at Most Holy Redeemer are announced in the bulletin and by phone calls.

If interested, please contact Pat Meisner at 904.781.5789 or

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