Ministers of Hospitality

Ministers of Hospitality welcome parishioners into the Eucharistic assembly when they greet and welcome the faithful as they gather for worship. Ministers of Hospitality are at the entrances of the church to greet parishioners and assist with seating before the liturgy begins

During the liturgy, Ministers of Hospitality should assist with the following:

• The seating of latecomers with as little disturbance as possible at the conclusion of    the Opening Prayer, the First Reading, or Responsorial Psalm.
•  Collect the offerings of the people. Both the faithful and the offerings are to be    treated with utmost dignity and reverence. The faithful should be given adequate    time to deposit their gifts during the collection.
•  Appoint and assist those who will be taking up the gifts in the procession for the    Preparation of the Gifts.
•  Direct the communion procession in an orderly manner.

After Mass, Ministers of Hospitality hand out bulletins and then straighten up the pews, collecting any trash or odd items left behind.

Contact Tom Tohal for information on the ministers of hospitality at 904-525-5164 or email: