Ash Wednesday 2021

Ash Wednesday is February 17.

We will have the following services:

7:00PM (Bizier) en Espanol.

The past year has been filled with different ways of living as well as worshipping. There are fewer people in church. No holy water in the font. Communion only in the hand. No coffee and doughnuts. Yet we still worship and pray.

Instead of giving ashes as a cross on the forehead – which has been deemed unsafe in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic — we can still receive them by sprinkling on the top of the head (permitted by our ritual rules of the Church). We will look a little cleaner, yet we will still be called to repentance and conversion of heart. We will still bear ashes home to begin the disciplines of Lent, just not in the manner we have been used to over time.

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