Announcements June 3-4, 2023

  • June 11, 2023, is the Feast of Corpus Christi, CHILDREN of all ages are invited to come and participate in the PROCESSION after the 10:30 am Mass. The Blessed Sacrament will be processed at the church grounds, to give PUBLIC ADORATION to the REAL presence of the body of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. We would like to have as many children participate together with the adults in this highly celebrated feast in the Catholic church. Children
    will be asked to carry flowers offered at the 4 altars erected at the church. grounds. Children ( boys and girls), may come dressed in white or Sunday best.
  • Four Corpus Christi altars will be erected. one, in front of Bizier Hall, another in front of Angels Hall, a third at the rectory parking lot, and the fourth under the roundabout tree. Several Ministerial groups have volunteered to sponsor the four altars. Thank you to the many helping hands and creative decorators, willing to give of their time, and talent, to make this celebration a great event!
  • On the same day, the Feast of Corpus Christi, “FOOD UNDER THE TENT” will be hosted by the Spanish Community, as a fundraiser for the adoration room. Drinks, snacks, and Ice cream will be sold .at the church’s back parking lot under the tents.
  • After today’s Mass, brunch will be served at Bizier Hall to celebrate Fr. Joshua Christian Sciullo’s ordination to the priesthood. All are welcome.
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Religious Education starts Tuesday, September 3rd 6:30 p.m.

Our religious education program is here to help your child learn about Christ and His Church. While we help prepare for the sacraments of initiation, we are also here to help your child come to know Christ better throughout their school years.
If your child needs to receive a sacrament (First Communion or Confirmation*), the sacramental preparation requires two consecutive years. Please remember, this is not just for Sacraments! We are here to help you teach your children the love of Christ throughout their development!

While we do charge tuition to help run our program, we will never turn a family away for financial reasons. We are here to serve you and the mission of the Church.

*If your child is in need of the Sacrament of Confirmation special discussion will be required for eligibility and because we only have celebrate this sacrament in odd years (the next Confirmation class for newly enrolled students will be 2027)


If you need more information, please contact Michael Fierro.

The registration form can be found here.

Tuition can be paid online here.