Necessary liturgical function

Altar Servers serve by assisting the clergy during the celebrations of the Church

Altar Servers serve a necessary liturgical function by assisting the clergy during the celebrations of the Church. They have a unique opportunity to model how and when to sit, stand and kneel. When they sing with enthusiasm and pray from their hearts, they encourage others to do the same. Of all the things that altar servers do during the Mass, perhaps none is more important than the good example they give to the assembly of how to pray with dignity and grace.

Pope John Paul II said to a group of Altar Servers in Rome on August 12, 2001 “. .. in the liturgy, you are much more than simple helpers of the parish priest. Above all, you are servers of Jesus Christ, of the eternal High Priest. Thus, you, altar servers, are called in particular to be young friends of Jesus. Be determined to go deeper and to cultivate this friendship with Him. You will discover that in Jesus you have found a true friend for life.”


Training is offered once a year. If interested, please email Deacon Milton Vega

Altar Servers Spotlight

The responsibilities of Altar Servers include:

• Carry the cross and candles in procession,
• Present the book to the presider and hold it open for him,
• Prepare the altar for the Liturgy of the Eucharist,
• Assist the priest or deacon in any way required, and
• Sing, pray and listen attentively.

The Altar Server Ministry is open to adults and children who have been:

• baptized,
• have received First Communion, and
• regularly attend Mass at Most Holy Redeemer Church.

Altar Servers are scheduled according to their preferred mass times for regularly scheduled Mass on Sunday, holy days of obligation, and other liturgical celebrations, as needed.

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